“Spiritual direction is a prayer process in which a person seeking help in cultivating a deeper personal relationship with God meets with another for prayer and conversation that is focused on increasing awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and facilitating surrender to God’s will.” – David Benner, Sacred Companions


I always been drawn the deep places of the heart, very specifically the joys and pains that dwell at a soul level.  In the last few years I began to find language for this longing of my heart to walk with others in the deep places of their spiritual life.  I heard phrases like spiritual formation, soul care, and spiritual direction.  I began to understand the importance of these terms and disciplines as a part of a more integrated way of life.  

As I engaged in new spiritual disciplines I found my own spiritual journey stretching to new depths.  I had finally found the other half of my calling (in addition to counseling).  Spiritual direction has become a gift to me as I sit with others to talk and pray about the areas of their spiritual life where they feel stuck, hurting, seeking, and growing.  

I offer spiritual direction to Christians who are seeking greater depth and understanding to what God may be doing in their life.  Typically, we meet for one or two sessions every month for prayer, reflection, and discernment. 


A Definition of Spiritual Direction*
1. Spiritual direction is an interpersonal relationship in which we learn how to grow, live, and love in the spiritual life.
2. Spiritual direction involves a process through which one person helps another person understand what God is doing and saying.
3. Discernment is a crucial gift in the work of spiritual direction.
4. In spiritual direction there is absolutely no domination or control.
5. The spiritual director/mentor/pastor guides another in spiritual things through the spiritual world by spiritual means.
6. God has ordained that there be spiritual directors/mentors/pastors among his people. This is the structure of love in practice.
7. Supremely, spiritual directors/mentors/pastors are persons who have a sense of being "established" in God. Otherwise they are too dangerous to be allowed into the soul space of others.

*Full quote from Richard Foster can be found at: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/january/27.30.html